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Congratulations to the West Winds White Team for being finalists in the Baltimore Junior Indoor League 2016!

Emily Dao, Charlie Rasmussen, Rahul Patel, Andrew Friscia, Aleman Khan, Bruce Dao, Alex Dao, James McKane, Blake Corbi, Kiersten Hoffman, Ariana Sutsakhan, Van Holson

Aleman Khan, Andrew Friscia, Van Holson, Alex Dao, Rahul Patel, Ariana Sutsakhan, Kiersten Hoffman, James McKane, Blake Corbi, Charlie Rasmussen

After ten games in the regular season the West Winds White Team came in 3rd place out of 15 teams with a final record of six wins, one loss, and three ties. At the end of the year tournament, West Winds White Team was the finalist against Anne Arundel B.

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