Join or renew your Full membership now and enjoy the following bonuses:

  • 1 free adult clinic

  • 1 social at 50% off


All current members, thank you for your patronage.  You are also eligible to receive these benefits.  

Member vs. Non-member

The question often arises: Why should I or my family be a member?  My response: When you join the West Winds Tennis Family you are contributing to the growth and long term sustainability of tennis in the Frederick community since indoor tennis courts are vital given the weather conditions throughout the year.  Furthermore, the membership fee is used to maintain and reinvest in the facility to create the best playing and social environment available to players.  There is great power in numbers and I hope you choose to join our tennis family. 

Benefits of FULL membership ($250) include:

  1. Reduced court time & fees– member -$30/hr or $48/hr depending on time & non-member is $36/hr or $60/hr, clinic fees – member $20/hr & non-member fee is $30/hr, event fees – member $30 & non-member fee is $40. All Instructors' private lessons will be $10 more for non-member

  2. Ability to reserve contract time for the season

  3. Members can reserve court time 2 weeks in advance, non-members are 2 days.

  4. Purchase 10 clinics and get one free, Purchase 10 lessons and save $100

  5. Out of town guests (outside a 50 mile radius) are not charged for guest fee

  6. Free daylight outdoor tennis

  7. Member pricing for Friday night BYOB social is $15 & Non-member fee is $25


Benefits of LIMITED ($150) membership include:

  1. All clinics and events are at member price.

  2. Ball machine is at member price.


In addition as West Winds moves forward to increasing court utilization we will always keep the membership first.  This means contract time supersedes all programming and tournaments.  When setting up programs we will only use 2-3 courts so the membership has courts available to play.  At no time will all courts be used for programming on a regular basis.  If there are weekend tournaments scheduled the start time will be based on the membership’s two week reservations.  This policy allows the membership to have the ability to play in the morning before the tournament starts.

I look forward to creating a tennis family (membership) that is passionate about tennis and the health and sustainability of the club.