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Eric White Clinic Registration

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1. Inclement weather: in the event of bad weather check with the website or call the center at 301-865-2701.
2. Refunds or credits cannot be issued once a class has begun except for medical reasons.

3. A minimum of 4 participants must be registered for a class to take place.

4. No make up class except for medical reasons.

Terms & conditions

I understand the nature and scope of the program(s) listed. I understand that there are risks and dangers associated with the program(s). I understand it is not the function of the West Winds Tennis Center (WWTC), its employees, agents, operators or instructors to guarantee the safety of participants with respect to the program above. I also understand that each participant has the responsibility to
exercise due care in the performance of the activities/program for the safety of himself/herself and the other participants. In consideration of the participants being permitted to enroll in the program, I hereby release, indemnify and hold harmless WWTC, its employees, operators and instructors from any and all claims and demands, costs, charges and expenses for harm, injury, damage or loss which may be sustained by the participants as a result of, or relating to, participation in the program above. Refunds will only be given for medical reasons (physician’s notice may be required for a medical refund). I have read and understand the above liability.

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